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Airbrushes sets > AB125A/AB125B Airbrush Set

Model.: AB125A/AB125B
Article name:
AB125A/AB125B Airbrush Set
Product description:

PRECISION DOUBLE ACTION AIR BRUSH KIT(100% MADE IN TAIWAN NOT CHINA)Double-action trigger Air-Paint control,precisely machine fine nozzle,suitable for art work,design painting.For example,Model Painting,Body Art,Hobby and Craft,Fine Art,Car painting,Illustration,Textile and T-shirt painting.

NOZZLE size: NOZZLE 0.3mm
Trigger Action: Dual-action
Working pressure: 10~30psi
Paint Reservoir: (9 ml) Gravity-feed-cup
Spray control: Back stop screw
Air inlet: 1/8"

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