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Compressors > CP101/CP101A Oilless Diaphram Compressor

Model.: CP101/CP101A
Article name:
CP101/CP101A Oilless Diaphram Compressor
Product description:

This compact, portable diaphragm compressor provides you to paint a good work. The injected aluminum body of high resistance is durable. It's much quieter than the piston type one during the operation. The mechanism is mounted on sealed oilless bearing. Thefore, the compressor requires no lubrication. This one simply and easily supports you the clean and dry air. Also, it's suitable for all airbrush works.Delivers 15 to 25 psi operating pressure.**Auto Switch is additional**

CP101/CP101A Oilless diaphram compressor:
AMP: 110V/1A, 220V/0.5A
RPM: 110V/1700, 220V/1400
Weight: 4.3KG
Electric cable: 1.5M
Max. pressure: 50PSI(3.5KG)

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